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YAGO is a huge semantic knowledge base, based on Wikipedia and WordNet.

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Альтернативы приложению YAGO

Evi 26 альтернатив

  • Knowledge Base
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Knowledge
  • Semantic
  • Questions And Answers

Evi is a new digital assistant who is here to help with your everyday needs. Need to know where the nearest place to buy milk? She can help. Going out …

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Онлайн Сервис

Freebase 3 альтернативы

  • Database
  • Relation Database
  • Semantic

An open entity graph of people, places and things, built by a community that loves open data.

Онлайн Сервис

OpenCyc 5 альтернатив

  • Knowledge Base
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Knowledge Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Reasoning

OpenCyc is a cut-down open version of the Cyc technology, the world's largest and most complete general knowledge base and commonsense reasoning engine. Cycorp, the builders of Cyc, have set …


Boopsie 22 альтернативы

  • Imdb
  • Wikipedia Client
  • Search Engine
  • Wikipedia
  • Content Delivery

Through way of different “channels”, Boopsie lets you intelligently search for content or articles on sites like IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon and more. When you use the application, you can pull …

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