Unify 11 альтернатив

  • Quick
  • CMS

Unify is a simple content editor that allows you or your clients to easily update content on a website. A complete installation of Unify takes less than 60 seconds, and …

Онлайн Сервис

aText 26 альтернатив

  • Quick
  • Snippet
  • Accelerate
  • Expander
  • Text Expander

aText accelerates your typing by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define. E.g. make an abbreviation “myname” to insert your name “First Middle Last” in any application. With aText …


SE-TrayMenu 11 альтернатив

  • Launcher
  • Quick

Free portable tray launcher and hotkey manager that greatly increases your productivity. Lots ot layouts and color schemes will allow you customize popup menu appearance up to you. You can …


Advanced Launcher 2 альтернативы

  • Launcher
  • Application Launcher
  • Toolbar
  • Quick

Advanced Launcher is a completely free award-winning toolbar and tray launcher. It can show several fully customizable toolbars at a time. When you click a toolbar button it can either …

Бесплатно для персонального использования

TypeMate 5 альтернатив

  • Quick
  • Typing
  • Autocomplete
  • Expansion
  • Typing Expansion

TypeMate text expander makes typing a breeze by converting shortcut text into fully formatted phrases or sentences as you type. TypeMate works in almost any Windows application that can accept …


Magellan Explorer 23 альтернативы

  • Quick
  • File Compression
  • Unzip
  • History
  • Favorites

Magellan Explorer is an advanced, yet easy to use, Windows file manager based on the powerful dual window pane concept. Previous users of the Norton Commander file manager and similar …


Chirpie 5 альтернатив

  • Quick
  • Status
  • Ipod Touch
  • Twitter
  • Tweet

Chirpie - an iPhone app to send really quick status updates to Twitter and Facebook


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