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FluidTunes gives you control over your music using only a camera, and your hands, head or feet.

Swipe your hand from left to right or right to left over the screen center to scrub. Wave quickly at buttons to activate them.

Without using a keyboard or mouse, you can navigate...

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Альтернативы приложению FluidTunes

CoverSutra 11 альтернатив

  • Music Search
  • Album Artwork
  • Itunes Controller
  • Last.Fm

CoverSutra gives you a handy and attractive way to control iTunes without ever leaving your current app. See what’s currently playing, pause and resume playback, change songs, and even enjoy …


ByteController 6 альтернатив

  • Growl Integration
  • Itunes
  • Itunes Controller
  • Hotkeys

ByteController is a small user interface utility for controlling iTunes. ByteController gives you three buttons in your menu bar: Previous Song, Next Song and Play/Pause. Holding the Previous Song and …


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