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Online Calendar Online Sync Online Storage Address Book Email Client

Email, Contacts, Calendars cloud hosted soltion for web design/developer studios. Whitelabel for your customers

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Альтернативы приложению Atmail Cloud

Outlook 32 альтернативы

  • Facebook Chat
  • Imap Support
  • Skype Support
  • Webmail Service
  • Pop3 is a webmail service from Microsoft, successor of Hotmail. offers IMAP and POP3 access as well as social network integration (e.g. Facebook chat). Currently Microsoft Skype is not...

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Yahoo! Mail 30 альтернатив

  • Mail Archive
  • Disposable Email
  • Webmail Service
  • Email Client

Web-mail with a terabyte of free storage space & spam protection. Yahoo! Mail offers grouped conversations, themes, powerful search options, Dropbox integration for attachments, Yahoo! Messenger, SMS,...

Windows Metro
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SuperAtic WebMail 31 альтернатива

  • Billing
  • Webmail Service
  • Email Client
  • Information Management

With Infinity WebMail , SuperAtic LABS started off as a European mail service, and after acquiring 1 million users they opened up a branch in the United States. The service …

Онлайн Сервис

AOL Mail 34 альтернативы

  • Email Backup
  • Email Client
  • Mail Filter
  • Mail Storage
  • Mail Archive

FREE e-mail account with IMAP, spam and virus protection with UNLIMITED storage (GMail max. 7.3 GB). Because of this AOL WebMail is ideal as E-mail archive or E-Mail-Backup utility for …

Онлайн Сервис

Atmail Email Server 37 альтернатив

  • Group Folder
  • Group Mail
  • Email Sending
  • Exchange Calendar Sync
  • Zend Framework

Atmail webmail system offers a webmail client, email server platform and mailserver appliance for Linux, Unix and Windows. Features: Webmail Calendar Addressbook IMAP, POP or Exchange WebSync ...

Онлайн Сервис 20 альтернатив

  • Outlook
  • File Management
  • Mail Server
  • File Sharing
  • Webmail Service Virtual office

Онлайн Сервис 27 альтернатив

  • Privacy
  • Ssl
  • Webmail Service
  • Simplicity
  • Security

A simple and secure email service which respects your privacy.

Онлайн Сервис

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Youlu 25 альтернатив

  • Sms Messaging
  • Sms Messages
  • Contact Manager
  • Address Sync
  • Chat Client

What is Youlu? The Youlu Address Book is a smarter smart phone address book with a range of the following compelling features: A. Search – Find contacts with lightning quick …

Symbian S60

Neomailbox 21 альтернатива

  • Anonymous Surfing
  • Email Encryption
  • Webmail Service
  • Email Hosting

Neomailbox has been providing secure and reliable email and private surfing services for over 10 years, enabling thousands of individuals and organizations to protect their privacy online.

Онлайн Сервис

Zinbox 25 альтернатив

  • Gmail Extension
  • Webmail Service
  • Frontend

Zinbox is webmail. Works with a Gmail, no need a new address and you can switch back any time. In the free version, you can only see 4 weeks of …

Онлайн Сервис

Envelomat 8 альтернатив

  • Envelope System
  • Import Contacts
  • Post
  • Address Book Editor
  • Address

Software for envelope printing, including graphical envelope designer. Contains library of standard envelopes in international and USA address writing formats. Integrated envelope designer allows you to create your own desing …


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